Saturday, December 18, 2010

Listen to this music right fucking now and tell me how it makes you feel

Because it makes me feel excellent :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Deep Impression

I am a sad human being. By that I mean to say that I am sad most of the time, infact I am sad at times when most other humans would be happy. I am sad when I am in good situations.

I know I need to change myself, I know my thought process is self destructive, I know my actions are self destructive. I cannot however say that I am doing my best. Maybe I should give that a shot? My best. What is my best? What would the best version of myself be doing right now? Where is that motherfucker? I have myself convinced I can do what I want if I only could find the willpower to put into action my positive thoughts.

Something else; sometimes I think people can read my mind. I look at people and won't say anything yet they seem to say something in response to my thoughts. Nobody is looking, I know this, yet I have the distinct feeling that they can see.

For my mood today and for the time I have not been posting I will post this song by the Pixies which seems to be congruent with my general outlook on life.. This is the City Wolf cover which appears in the movie Observe and Report, love that movie. Here it is folkz;

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I give you.. SHLOHMO

Hows it going friends? Been scouring the internet for good music as always.. Found this little gem of a mix by LA producer Shlohmo. Shlohmo and his pals in the Wedidit collective put out a unique blend of glitchy hip hoppy psychedelic madness. Good stuff give it a spin;

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garage; A genre

Recently I have been exploring the roots of various genres of electronic music I listen to. I'm not so much a house or trance head, I really REALLY dig DNB and dubstep. In my internet travels of their beginnings I have come across another genre I enjoy very much, Garage music. I'm not even 100% sure what makes garage music garage music. From what I can grasp so far it is slower than DNB, faster than dubstep and atmospheric/trancey/beautiful as fuck. Over the past few minutes I have also discovered that it is very difficult to describe sound.. lol. So here is where I have listened to 100% of the garage I have listened to so far :D

Various artists I suppose, just a bunch of free songs many of which are AWESOME! Listen to the first player on there, made me want to listen to the rest of them. Chill ass tunes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fucking amazing music

Today I am going to do something I don't normally do and see how it plays out, gonna do a little music review. I just re-listened to an album I've had in my collection for quite some time but for some reason never caught my attention like it is tonight. The album is Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian by Prefuse 73 and it looksa little somethin' like this;

I guess I've picked a monster of an album for my first review, Prefuse 73 cannot be classified. The music defies pigeonholes, it's vibe escapes genres. Roughly 38% of the songs on the album are less than one minute long, the longest song being 4 minutes and 16 seconds. Each of these songs is incredibly unique.. Trancey breaks to hip hop basslines. This is one of those albums that absolutely needs to be listened to in order, each song expounds upon the other. Smoking this spliff here listening to "Get em High" I am reminded of some of the best hip-hop producers such as Nujabes or J Dilla yet the vibe is more exploratory and certainly less predictable. Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian is a tightly produced exposition in breaks and madness. I give it a nine out of ten, fucking amazing.

By request I am adding a sample;

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I want my dick sucked.

Actually woke up in the AM today which afforded me the luxury of eating breakfast burritos. Found my old N64 set up in my brothers room and started playing star fox.. Then that got boring so I started playing some Star Wars game. Honestly smoking weed all the time is getting kind of monotonous. I also smoke way too much, but I must smoke way too much if I want to get high. I don't mean to say I smoke too often but my tolerance is just so high that when I do smoke I need 2-4gs to the dome to feel a headchange. Thinking of taking up tobacco and just smoking out of my pipe cause joints are starting to take their toll on my stash. Having too much weed can be a blessing and a curse. One of my friends got robbed recently trying to sell some, really glad I never got into selling my stash. Robbed at motherfucking gunpoint over an ounce of pot.

Oh yea, what the fuck who voted no on prop 19? I went out that day, rolled 3 FAT blunts and a joint with my friend, we both go in and voted yes and get super high thinking to ourselves "ekekekekekkekkee 50 dollar ounces AHHHHH SO EXCITE" and then BAM! Old people and republicans had to fuck it up. I didn't vote yes because I really give a shit either, like I'm a fucking MMJ patient I can't be arrested. I voted yes because I want to plant a fucking hectare of industrial hemp and eat/light/drive for free! FUUUUUCK. You can DRIVE CARS with hemp fuel! Imagine, fuel which puts an equal amount of C02 and Oxygen into the atmosphere! FUUUUCK. Why are people so stupid? Why doesn't everyone understand that the only viable future for america is HEMP? FUCK OLD PEOPLE AND REPUBLICANS.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been a minute

What up kiddos, been away from the computer for a minute. Lotsa bullshit happening lately. Had to fight one of my best friends cause he got belligerent at my house SOBER as an inanimate object. Thinking about turning this blog into a blog/mail order tye-die t-shirt/ hippie bullshit arts and crafts website because I need money. Fucking tye-die is the shit.

So yea not a lot happening. Just the usual I suppose. Here have some 90's doom metal.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I listen to hip hop.

So figured I'd up some of my favorite hip hop tracks. My favorite MC of all time is MF DOOM. I've heard a LOT of hip hop (starting with a BIG L obsession in highschool lol) but none have come close to the lyrical virtuosity of DOOM. These are the two I've been bumping most often lately;

MF DOOM discography;

So yea thats my favorite hip hop artist. Love em.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dank's brutal brutality post

So Satan mentioned my blog was lacking the metal. This is a problem because I fucking love metal, all kinds of metal. First I'll post my favorite DEATH METAL band. Fucking amazing musicianship and brutality collide in OBSCURA's critically acclaimed COSMOGENESIS. Here's The Anticosmic Overload official video;

And the DL link to Cosmogenesis;

Of course I am also a fan of hardcore so naturally I love DEATHCORE. Whether or not you agree that hardcore aesthetics should be used in conjunction with the virtuosity and complexity of death metal you must agree that THE FACELESS are a fucking brutal band. They're still growing as a band and tbh their first album didn't impress much, but their second album made me cum buckets. Here's XENOCHRIST off of THE FACELESS's PLANETARY DUALITY being preformed LIVE (woooo);

Here's the link to their first two albums;

No brutality blog post would be complete without some POWERVIOLENCE my favorite form of hardcore punk. The best powerviolence band ever is without a doubt IRON LUNG. Their shit is a bit more obscure than Obscura or The Faceless so I had to resort to a mediafire link, and I couldn't find these songs on youtube so no preview.. But trust me, this is the best most brutal example of hardcore punk anything you will ever hear. It's a two piece, just guitar and drums, but fast as fuck and the tone is not lacking. SO here you go; IRON LUNG.


420chan Ban Appeal Wall of Shame's newest member!

Fuck yea.

Das me, I got the banhammer for posting my email and recovered nicely stoned off my ass singing the dr who theme song lol.. I fucking love 420chan<3

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What a day

Rode around town on my new bike listening to awesome tunes, ended up seeing an old friend and got a 1/4 of weed for free! So stoked on that. Smoked 2 joints after a long day of cycling, right now listening to some tunes that are really trancey and peaceful.. Slipping away from all present consciousness. I love the dream I go into now whenever I meditate when stoned. I engage only happiness in my mind, reach only forward with my thoughts. The dream is motion. Swirling twisting colors and cleansing fire.

Currently listening to this jam;

dnb by same artist.. so dope.
Arkist & Djunya-(August)170 BPM by DJUNYA


This is my favorite dubstep artist, period. I don't know where they get their sounds from or what the fuck they've done to their heads but these guys are tuned in and dropped out. Fattest bass, hardest party vibes of any dubstep artist I've ever heard.

Their music can be heard at their soundcloud;

With my first paycheck from google adsense I'm gonna be buying their Deep Medi release and I'm going to love that record like a fat guy loves cake. Fucking love this group.

Monday, October 18, 2010

This is why I will never persue a career in law enforcement

2 Pa. officers attempt to steal drugs and money from undercover cop

"This is another embarrassment for our department, another in a long list, unfortunately"

By Stephanie Farr
The Philadelphia Daily News

Authorities say Officers Christopher Luciano and Sean Alivera were arrested Monday, Oct. 4, 2010 for robbing a supposed drug dealer of marijuana and cash in what proved to be an undercover sting. (AP photo)

PHILADELPHIA — Two months ago, 25th District officers Sean Alivera and Christopher Luciano watched as the feds busted three cops — one from their own North Philadelphia district — for allegedly conspiring to steal from a drug dealer.

But that didn't deter partners Alivera, 31, and Luciano, 23, from robbing a man they believed to be a drug dealer of 20 pounds of pot and $3,000 cash Monday night, while they were on duty and in full uniform, authorities said.

The dealer turned out to be an undercover Philly cop who was part of a two-week sting operation that began when agents from the Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotics Investigation received information on the men during an unrelated drug case, District Attorney Seth Williams and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said yesterday.

"This is another embarrassment for our department, another in a long list, unfortunately, that we've had to endure over the past few months," Ramsey said.

Alivera and Luciano are the 14th and 15th city police officers to be arrested since early last year. The most recent arrests include a cop who was charged with using a cheating device at Parx Casino, one who was charged with beating a woman with a hockey stick and another accused of stealing more than $800 from a bar.

In July, three cops — two from the 39th District, headquartered at 22nd and Hunting Park, and one from the 25th, at Whitaker and Erie — were charged by federal authorities for allegedly stealing heroin from a drug dealer and giving it to an undercover agent to resell on the street.

Alivera and Luciano also planned to have a drug dealer resell the 20 pounds of marijuana they stole, which was valued at $24,000, Williams said.

Ramsey said the cops would be fired.

He said their arrest and that of the 25th District officer in July are not immediately indicative of deeper problems at the 25th.

"I'm concerned about a systemic problem in this department, period, not just in the 25th District," he said. "You know, you wouldn't have to clean house if the house wasn't dirty to begin with."

Authorities were sketchy on the details of how Alivera and Luciano allegedly robbed the undercover officer. They said the cops initiated a traffic stop on the man in Kensington, robbed him of his money and drugs, handcuffed him and took him back to the 25th District, where they instead found themselves under arrest. The sting was videotaped for evidence, Williams said.

"Philadelphians demand just and law—abiding police officers," he said. "We are committed to rooting out bad cops and will prosecute them for the disgraceful thugs and scum that they are."

The men also face kidnapping charges, but Williams wouldn't provide details, saying only that it indicates that the undercover officer, who was not injured, was "held somewhere or made to stay somewhere or transported somewhere."

Alivera has a decade on the force and made $57,800 plus $4,126 in overtime last year. Luciano, who has served just three years, made $50,043 last year plus $5,851 in overtime, according to city payroll records.

Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby said the organization would not provide attorneys for the officers.

"There's a lot of good cops in that district . . . and these two pretty much took a dump all over them," he said.

Ramsey recently revealed a plan to root out bad cops, which includes adding 26 officers to the Internal Affairs Bureau and requiring applicants to be 21.

Three former city cops already are serving sentences for drug—related crimes. Malik Snell, who was convicted in 2009 of robbing a drug dealer, is serving 30 years; Alhinde Weems, who was convicted this year of dealing drugs and planning to rob a drug dealer, is serving 15 years, and Rickie Durham, who was convicted in 2009 of tipping a drug kingpin off to a police raid, is serving two years.
LexisNexis Copyright © 2010 LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy

Copyright 2010 Philadelphia Newspapers, LLC

Cousins wedding was awesome

My cousin just got married. The party was awesome. I really love my cousin, as a kid she taught me how to drive in her Mustang. Shit was cash. They let me throw some dubstep songs up at the party, it had started drizzling so nobody was on the dance floor but whatever it was fun. Open bar was epic. The bartender didnt know what he was doing he served me this mixed drink consisting of Coke, Sprite and Jack Daniels. Tasted like shit but 2 of those had me buzzing. The food was fucking AMAZING drunk food. Lobster and Macaroni, Tri Tip, coconut shrimp and a salad. I probably got more fucked up from the food than the alcohol.

That night I actually contemplated becoming a cop one day. My cousin married a cop and their neighbors called the cops at like 10pm cause the party was still going strong with hella loud obnoxious music, he went outside and talked to them for like a minute and they were gone. It would be SO sick to be able to throw parties and when the cops come you're just like "whats up maaaaan grab a drink". I'm not gonna be a cop though cause fuck the police, thug life, ect.

Also some crazy shit happened this weekend while I was out of town. Some fucking idiot broke up with his girlfriend and was SOOOO SAD that he went for a drive and intentionally ran over an elderly couple. What the fuck man. Who does that? And his parents are trying to say he didnt intentionally try and kill anyone but that he was trying to injure himself. If I was really that sad about something I'd probably just buy some cyanide or a fat sack of H and take the easy way out. Fuck killing anyone else over my stupid bullshit. Some people man. Apparently the couple traveled around in their RV and kept a blog about it, here's the news story and a link to their blog.. Fucking sad man.

Family and friends remember couple killed in tragic crash

Posted: Oct 18, 2010 10:31 AM by Monica Quintero Source: KSBY News
Updated: Oct 18, 2010 10:41 AM

Many people are paying tribute to the married couple tragically killed over the weekend in Pismo Beach after police say a man veered off the highway on purpose.

The victims, 63-year-old Bruce Mallin and 59-year-old Margie Mallin, kept a blog of their journey online.

According to the blog, the couple spent the last two years on the road in their RV. Their family lives in Tumwater, Washington.

Stephanie, the couple's daughter, recently posted an update on the blog and says the family will be flying in from Tumwater to get the Mallin's beloved dog Annie as well as take care of their affairs.

Margie was known as the navigator and chief cook, Bruce was known as the dishwasher and main driver and Annie the Schnauzer was known as the furry kid.

Jerardo Iriarte, 19, is charged with vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence.

Investigators say Iriarte drove off the highway and crashed into the married couple who had been walking on Price Street.

KSBY News will have more on the couple on KSBY News at 5 and 6.

For more on the blog click here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So with my last paycheck I bought a fucking awesome road bike. This shit goes FAST as fuck. I got it 30% off cause its an 09 but it had way better parts on it than the 10-11 models in the same price range so I'm fucking stoked. I'm in San Diego right now at my cousins wedding reception, or about to go to it. I've decided to stay at home for a little longer maybe until spring when it starts to get a bit warmer and then I'll be off on my adventure. I'm going to take my laptop and keyboard and make music along the way, hopefully I'll be able to score a mic with USB capabilities so I can record live sounds and mix them into songs like my rolemodel ESKMO. This dude is a fucking genius, he lives in SF and gets all the sounds for his songs around the city recorded live. His music is considered dubstep but it is unlike most dubstep you will hear, he did the track Amphibian off the first album I posted. Good fucking dubstep.

This is Lands and Bones being performed live at Coachella. Fucking great song.

Aaaaaaaand here's the album;

Once again if you want a demonoid invite just let me know.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Witchcraft - Sorrow Evoker

From Witchcraft's Firewood. DL link;

I like many kinds of different musics. I've been listening to it and trying (poorly) to make music for so long its almost like the genres and groups have blended together for me. I only have one other friend like this who can seem to enjoy good music for being good music and not for aesthetic value or how good the song makes him feel. Some people I've met can't listen to negative music, as if the negativity in the songs would affect their mood in some way. I like listening to melancholy tunes when I am sad, it is almost cathartic and affirming in a way knowing there are others out there who are unafraid to feel sadness.

I guess that would be a good way to lead into my opinion on antidepressants and the pharmaceutical industry in general. My family and I have a very long and troubled history with the pharmaceuticals, you see after my younger brother was born my mom was diagnosed with that one form of depression women get after giving birth (forgot what its called) and so she was put on antidepressants.. Instead of helping her feel better however it seemed the antidepressants only drew out her depression into a continuing struggle to feel happiness. After a while on the pills she became manic and had to be hospitalized, she was diagnosed then with bipolar disorder and put on lithium and like 4 other pills which she has to take daily.. Of course trusting the doctors she and my father decided that this was the only option, indeed the doctors made it clear there was no other way to treat depression and mental illness in general with anything but pills and more pills. No change in diet was ever suggested, exercise was always implied but never stressed. While the pills seemed to stabilize her for at least 6 months at a time she would always eventually have a breakdown and have to be hospitalized again, usually once or twice a year, and always it seemed these episodes would happen when she would try to taper herself off of the medication.

The conversations I had with my mothers "doctors" would always contain words like b"chemical imbalance in the brain", this is what they claim causes my mother's bipolar disorder and periodic manic episodes. To me it is so obvious how much of a lie this is especially when I started to research the withdrawal symptoms of a few of her medications, the most interesting being seroquel. Take a look at the withdrawal symptoms of seroquel taken from;

"Seroquel withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to:

* Nausea and vomiting
* Insomnia
* Symptoms of schizophrenia (such as hallucinations or delusions)
* Bipolar disorder symptoms (such as mania or depression). "

It is a sad joke to me that it is never mentioned to my parents that these symptoms will go away after she is done withdrawing from her "medications". I have told them time and time again but rather than face a difficult withdraw period they always choose to continue medicating with these poisons. The only chemical imbalance in my mothers brain is the pills she is eating every night under doctors orders. Please if you or anyone in your family is ever prescribed seroquel by a doctor THROW THAT SHIT IN THE GARBAGE AND TELL THAT DOCTOR TO FUCK OFF! It is obvious to me that if my mother had decided that a healthier lifestyle would have benefited her depression instead of medicating with pills we would have avoided years of hardship and uncertainty!

Kinda have no idea how I went from music to ramblings about family life but there you go.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today I lost my job so this is now my main/only source of income. I guess I'll be blogging more.. I'm thinking about getting a road bike and blogging across the nation. I don't really care about material wealth I just want to be able to eat.. Actually thats all I'd really need money for, food and I guess bicycle repairs.

So what say you friends? Full time blogger or what?

Fuck, what a day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Busted Brain

I always seem to come down/recover longer from drugs than anyone else I know. This weekend I got particularly fucked up on whatever the presser decided to put in my pills which weren't noteworthy in potency or effect.. The next day however as I was sitting in my room trying to get to sleep I had some very crazy feeling thoughts. It was as if I was on the keyboard which then turns into my thoughts and instead of putting together actual words I was randomly attacking the keyboard. I can't even remember what the words were, I know they could be pronounced but probably wouldn't mean anything. Like some kind of babble, the booming drone voice of a busted brain which holds all secrets and all answers but only rambles his riddles in an unintelligible tongue. Never came down off a pill like that, think I'm gonna give the ole noggin a rester there.

In the mean time I will smoke weed and listen to the relaxing vibes of sweet reggae music.. Here's one of my favorites 10FT GANJA PLANT;

Download link for 10FT GANJA PLANT - BUSH ROCK;

As always just request one and a demonoid invite code will be sent to you.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Deleted Scene

Went to a dubstep rave last night figured I'd post my favorite dubstep songs and download links to anyone interested in bumping these big bass albums on a real system. Dubstep is really great to listen to while high, on marijuana or otherwise. So this is probably my favorite dubstep song ever called Monstahs by Eskmo and Antiserum, two of the best dubstep producers Cali has to offer.

off Bay Area Dubstep vol 1
download link;

If you need a demonoid account number to download it just let me know in a comment :) also CLICK MY ADS I NEED MOAR MONEYS!

that is all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

On powerviolence, and how violence IS the answer.

So someone suggested I explain what powerviolence is as it was mentioned in an earlier posting to which I'm sure many of you thought "wtf iz tha powrvilens?", well here it is.

Powerviolence is a subgenre of hardcore punk, its close cousins are fastcore, hardcore/thrash and grindcore. Powerviolence is characterized by breakdowns and fast parts.. So are other forms of hardcore punk but powerviolence just does it in a very "powerviolencey" way. One of the best, if not the best, powerviolence bands ever is Spazz. They took elements of earlier proto-powerviolence bands and combined them with the best of fastcore and punk at the time. Here is one of my favorite songs by Spazz, which definitely captures the best elements of powerviolence. Without further ado here is Spazz - LETS FUCKING GO;

Now, as a new powerviolence fan, you might be wondering, what the heck is grindcore and hardcore punk and how is it different from powerviolence? Well Punky, I'll show you. Grindcore is similar to powerviolence but also incorporates elements of death metal and has a much "grindcoreier" sound than powerviolence.  Here is Insect Warfare - NECESSARY DEATH;

See Champ? Much faster and blastier than powerviolence but with that same "oh, ok this isn't death metal so its ok to mosh and break shit" mentality about it. Speaking of moshing I will now recount the events of the one and only powerviolence show I ever produced. It was for my 16th birthday party, I a young headstrong punk rocker, my locale an innocent and naive town completely unprepared for the carnal assfucking that a powerviolence show can wreak on its victims. I had invited a few local bands and some from the Bay area to play the show. I got a really fucking sweet venue at a dance studio for $200, I told them we would be playing "heavy rock music" and that it was to be a private music event so no cover at the door = no required permits. When my band arrived there was already a crowd of forty or so gathered around the entrance, smoking cigarettes and generally being hipster douches. We opened the doors after setting up the first band and let everyone in. Things were going great until the band Skull Collector went on. Skull Collector plays a very heavy and dark sound, the crowd went nucking futts. The entire time Skull Collector was playing I thought to myself "Damn that blonde is standing real close to the pit..". I look at the pit then back at the girl and see a kid get very close to her.. His fist swings back and hits her in the face, her head swings back and breaks the mirror on the wall of the dance hall, she falls to the ground and starts hemorrhaging out of her face. This was the first time I had seen someone bleed out their face, you see when I say face I do not mean she had a cut on her face I mean her eyes, mouth, nostrils and I'm pretty sure ears were all gushing blood. Cue total chaos. The owner who was looking fearfully at the crowd the entire time has a panic attack, all I hear from him is "THIS ISNT WHAT WE AGREED UPON I CANT TAKE THIS, I CANT FUCKING TAKE THIS!". My friend Kenyon picks the girl up and takes her outside as it was very hot in the place. A few minutes later the ambulance picks her up along with the fire department. The bands from the Bay didn't end up getting to play because the show was shut down after that. Night ended up being a total bust.

I fucking hate the kid who fucked that venue up. If the first show had gone smoothly the local music scene could have had a regular venue to cheaply book shows. But no, some fucking douche bag hipster faggot had to ruin shit. Now there is no place to play around here and all the good bands either broke up or moved away. Sad time for music in Grover Beach California.

So there you have it, a powerviolence veteran and one sad music scene.

Monday, October 4, 2010

California Today; Hot as Fuck and Dank

I'm posting this from home after work. I've worked at a car dealership for the past month and I am really enjoying having a job after over a year without any form of income. I work mainly with a white guy named Grahm and a Mexican guy named Savijo. Today was 110 all day, VERY hot for where I live in Central CA where it is usually very mild. The best part of the day was when I was working with Savijo cleaning a car and he looked at me very funny, as if he was saying "dang its so hot out, I sure wish someone would squirt me in the face with nice cool water", to which I obliged.. Apparently the look he was trying to convey was "I need the hose to rinse this car". I tend to misread people a lot, I think it has something to do with my grandma and mom instilling the idea in me that I was "discerning" when I was young. I will often jump to conclusions from looks on peoples faces that are entirely wrong. The flip side to this however that is that when I am correct about faces it can be a great advantage on others who do not attempt to esoterically read peoples faces, like trying to read girls faces at high school. While my interpretations of faces are not always correct having this subconscious confidence in my ability to read people usually ends up being an asset or a prelude to hilarious events at school or work.

You know what else is great about having a job? Getting really fucking high right after you come home from work and posting delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol induced ramblings about my life.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

As it turns out, that is not all for today

So I go to my friends house over yonder to play some music. I was on drums, my friend on bass. I also was singing, or yelling. We smoked much dank beforehand, some strong indica strain which made me very calm and relaxed. I noticed that after we smoked my drumming was much groovier, where normally I might fuck up or miss a snare or a kick I was instead flowing perfectly. We play powerviolence music, it is fun. I guess I could post some of the old bands I've been in here. I know this has nothing to do with dank but whatever, I smoked pot before/during the conception of most of these bands.

A folk powerviolence band that I am very fond of. The demo was recorded one drunken eve about two years ago. Lots of fun.

Another band I was in that was a lot of fun. We actually played quite a few shows around town with some more established local acts..

So yea, I'm high, this is mah music. Thug life.

The finer points of smoking dank, all day

Today I went to the beach. Pismo Beach California to be precise. As I was walking down the beach to the caves I decided to light up one of my ten daily joints. As I looked at the clear blue sky and then at the ocean I realized that I could see the reflection of the ocean in the sky. Smoking a heavy sativa dominant strain and being the deadhead that I am I got some minor visual tracers looking at the sky, and then at the ocean. It seemed as if the sky looked much like the bottom of a pool does on a sunny day, as if the entirety of outer space were actually a body of water disconnected from gravity.

That's all for today, stay thirsty my friends.