Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been a minute

What up kiddos, been away from the computer for a minute. Lotsa bullshit happening lately. Had to fight one of my best friends cause he got belligerent at my house SOBER as an inanimate object. Thinking about turning this blog into a blog/mail order tye-die t-shirt/ hippie bullshit arts and crafts website because I need money. Fucking tye-die is the shit.

So yea not a lot happening. Just the usual I suppose. Here have some 90's doom metal.


  1. I thought you died
    I missed you in a completely not-creepy way

  2. Thorr's Hammer is sick as hell I have that album!

  3. I like the idea with the buisness....

  4. I been gone lately too. The amount of work I have to do to keep up in all my classes is fucking killing me. Welcome back man. I missed you.

  5. If you can tap that tye-die market, go for it.