Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Deleted Scene

Went to a dubstep rave last night figured I'd post my favorite dubstep songs and download links to anyone interested in bumping these big bass albums on a real system. Dubstep is really great to listen to while high, on marijuana or otherwise. So this is probably my favorite dubstep song ever called Monstahs by Eskmo and Antiserum, two of the best dubstep producers Cali has to offer.

off Bay Area Dubstep vol 1
download link;

If you need a demonoid account number to download it just let me know in a comment :) also CLICK MY ADS I NEED MOAR MONEYS!

that is all.



    Can I have a code? I used to have a demonoid account but I completely forgot the password and have no idea what email I used :( shitsucks

  2. How was the rave man? I have always wanted to go to a dubstep rave around my area but its too infused with house and trance. Cant ever find any solid dubstep. Oh well.

  3. I love it. It's unlike any dubstep I've heard before. I'll actually be uploading my share of dubstep if you get a chance to mosey over to my blog. I would like to download this, though, so a demonoid number would be greatly appreciated.

  4. It was alright, my money got stolen so I didn't have any money to buy more drugs. Can't wait for the next one though, they're going on all the time in Cali 8)

  5. Sweet, thanks. I completely forgot I asked for it earlier

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  7. So happy I found you, I love dubstep and the music around.