Sunday, November 14, 2010

I give you.. SHLOHMO

Hows it going friends? Been scouring the internet for good music as always.. Found this little gem of a mix by LA producer Shlohmo. Shlohmo and his pals in the Wedidit collective put out a unique blend of glitchy hip hoppy psychedelic madness. Good stuff give it a spin;

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garage; A genre

Recently I have been exploring the roots of various genres of electronic music I listen to. I'm not so much a house or trance head, I really REALLY dig DNB and dubstep. In my internet travels of their beginnings I have come across another genre I enjoy very much, Garage music. I'm not even 100% sure what makes garage music garage music. From what I can grasp so far it is slower than DNB, faster than dubstep and atmospheric/trancey/beautiful as fuck. Over the past few minutes I have also discovered that it is very difficult to describe sound.. lol. So here is where I have listened to 100% of the garage I have listened to so far :D

Various artists I suppose, just a bunch of free songs many of which are AWESOME! Listen to the first player on there, made me want to listen to the rest of them. Chill ass tunes.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fucking amazing music

Today I am going to do something I don't normally do and see how it plays out, gonna do a little music review. I just re-listened to an album I've had in my collection for quite some time but for some reason never caught my attention like it is tonight. The album is Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian by Prefuse 73 and it looksa little somethin' like this;

I guess I've picked a monster of an album for my first review, Prefuse 73 cannot be classified. The music defies pigeonholes, it's vibe escapes genres. Roughly 38% of the songs on the album are less than one minute long, the longest song being 4 minutes and 16 seconds. Each of these songs is incredibly unique.. Trancey breaks to hip hop basslines. This is one of those albums that absolutely needs to be listened to in order, each song expounds upon the other. Smoking this spliff here listening to "Get em High" I am reminded of some of the best hip-hop producers such as Nujabes or J Dilla yet the vibe is more exploratory and certainly less predictable. Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian is a tightly produced exposition in breaks and madness. I give it a nine out of ten, fucking amazing.

By request I am adding a sample;

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I want my dick sucked.

Actually woke up in the AM today which afforded me the luxury of eating breakfast burritos. Found my old N64 set up in my brothers room and started playing star fox.. Then that got boring so I started playing some Star Wars game. Honestly smoking weed all the time is getting kind of monotonous. I also smoke way too much, but I must smoke way too much if I want to get high. I don't mean to say I smoke too often but my tolerance is just so high that when I do smoke I need 2-4gs to the dome to feel a headchange. Thinking of taking up tobacco and just smoking out of my pipe cause joints are starting to take their toll on my stash. Having too much weed can be a blessing and a curse. One of my friends got robbed recently trying to sell some, really glad I never got into selling my stash. Robbed at motherfucking gunpoint over an ounce of pot.

Oh yea, what the fuck who voted no on prop 19? I went out that day, rolled 3 FAT blunts and a joint with my friend, we both go in and voted yes and get super high thinking to ourselves "ekekekekekkekkee 50 dollar ounces AHHHHH SO EXCITE" and then BAM! Old people and republicans had to fuck it up. I didn't vote yes because I really give a shit either, like I'm a fucking MMJ patient I can't be arrested. I voted yes because I want to plant a fucking hectare of industrial hemp and eat/light/drive for free! FUUUUUCK. You can DRIVE CARS with hemp fuel! Imagine, fuel which puts an equal amount of C02 and Oxygen into the atmosphere! FUUUUCK. Why are people so stupid? Why doesn't everyone understand that the only viable future for america is HEMP? FUCK OLD PEOPLE AND REPUBLICANS.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been a minute

What up kiddos, been away from the computer for a minute. Lotsa bullshit happening lately. Had to fight one of my best friends cause he got belligerent at my house SOBER as an inanimate object. Thinking about turning this blog into a blog/mail order tye-die t-shirt/ hippie bullshit arts and crafts website because I need money. Fucking tye-die is the shit.

So yea not a lot happening. Just the usual I suppose. Here have some 90's doom metal.