Sunday, October 3, 2010

The finer points of smoking dank, all day

Today I went to the beach. Pismo Beach California to be precise. As I was walking down the beach to the caves I decided to light up one of my ten daily joints. As I looked at the clear blue sky and then at the ocean I realized that I could see the reflection of the ocean in the sky. Smoking a heavy sativa dominant strain and being the deadhead that I am I got some minor visual tracers looking at the sky, and then at the ocean. It seemed as if the sky looked much like the bottom of a pool does on a sunny day, as if the entirety of outer space were actually a body of water disconnected from gravity.

That's all for today, stay thirsty my friends.


  1. How much does weed cost you per day?

  2. i want to know that too!
    however im jealous! its freaking cold right here and i want a goddamn beach and hot hot hot weather right now!

  3. Well I am actually very lucky with my smoking situation, living in CA and having a medical marijuana license I get to grow my own pot. This makes smoking MUCH cheaper than buying it from the store or a dealer, so cheap it doesn't really make any sort of impact on my money situation. I did spend about 600 bucks on my growing setup, but free weed for life is well worth the high startup costs.. These comments are all giving me great ideas for my next posts :)

  4. Oh man, you are LIVING the dream.

  5. lol, thank you but really I'm pretty average.