Saturday, November 6, 2010

I want my dick sucked.

Actually woke up in the AM today which afforded me the luxury of eating breakfast burritos. Found my old N64 set up in my brothers room and started playing star fox.. Then that got boring so I started playing some Star Wars game. Honestly smoking weed all the time is getting kind of monotonous. I also smoke way too much, but I must smoke way too much if I want to get high. I don't mean to say I smoke too often but my tolerance is just so high that when I do smoke I need 2-4gs to the dome to feel a headchange. Thinking of taking up tobacco and just smoking out of my pipe cause joints are starting to take their toll on my stash. Having too much weed can be a blessing and a curse. One of my friends got robbed recently trying to sell some, really glad I never got into selling my stash. Robbed at motherfucking gunpoint over an ounce of pot.

Oh yea, what the fuck who voted no on prop 19? I went out that day, rolled 3 FAT blunts and a joint with my friend, we both go in and voted yes and get super high thinking to ourselves "ekekekekekkekkee 50 dollar ounces AHHHHH SO EXCITE" and then BAM! Old people and republicans had to fuck it up. I didn't vote yes because I really give a shit either, like I'm a fucking MMJ patient I can't be arrested. I voted yes because I want to plant a fucking hectare of industrial hemp and eat/light/drive for free! FUUUUUCK. You can DRIVE CARS with hemp fuel! Imagine, fuel which puts an equal amount of C02 and Oxygen into the atmosphere! FUUUUCK. Why are people so stupid? Why doesn't everyone understand that the only viable future for america is HEMP? FUCK OLD PEOPLE AND REPUBLICANS.


  1. All in moderation. It sucks that people voted no on prop 19 :/

  2. Dont' look at me, I'm not in Cali, and our prop 203 Med MJ is still being counted lol.

  3. Man, straight up, I'm nowhere near Cali but it broke my heart when I heard that prop 19 failed. I also feel you on the smoking too much, I wanna take a tollerance break but goddamn it's HAAARD.