Monday, October 18, 2010

Cousins wedding was awesome

My cousin just got married. The party was awesome. I really love my cousin, as a kid she taught me how to drive in her Mustang. Shit was cash. They let me throw some dubstep songs up at the party, it had started drizzling so nobody was on the dance floor but whatever it was fun. Open bar was epic. The bartender didnt know what he was doing he served me this mixed drink consisting of Coke, Sprite and Jack Daniels. Tasted like shit but 2 of those had me buzzing. The food was fucking AMAZING drunk food. Lobster and Macaroni, Tri Tip, coconut shrimp and a salad. I probably got more fucked up from the food than the alcohol.

That night I actually contemplated becoming a cop one day. My cousin married a cop and their neighbors called the cops at like 10pm cause the party was still going strong with hella loud obnoxious music, he went outside and talked to them for like a minute and they were gone. It would be SO sick to be able to throw parties and when the cops come you're just like "whats up maaaaan grab a drink". I'm not gonna be a cop though cause fuck the police, thug life, ect.

Also some crazy shit happened this weekend while I was out of town. Some fucking idiot broke up with his girlfriend and was SOOOO SAD that he went for a drive and intentionally ran over an elderly couple. What the fuck man. Who does that? And his parents are trying to say he didnt intentionally try and kill anyone but that he was trying to injure himself. If I was really that sad about something I'd probably just buy some cyanide or a fat sack of H and take the easy way out. Fuck killing anyone else over my stupid bullshit. Some people man. Apparently the couple traveled around in their RV and kept a blog about it, here's the news story and a link to their blog.. Fucking sad man.

Family and friends remember couple killed in tragic crash

Posted: Oct 18, 2010 10:31 AM by Monica Quintero Source: KSBY News
Updated: Oct 18, 2010 10:41 AM

Many people are paying tribute to the married couple tragically killed over the weekend in Pismo Beach after police say a man veered off the highway on purpose.

The victims, 63-year-old Bruce Mallin and 59-year-old Margie Mallin, kept a blog of their journey online.

According to the blog, the couple spent the last two years on the road in their RV. Their family lives in Tumwater, Washington.

Stephanie, the couple's daughter, recently posted an update on the blog and says the family will be flying in from Tumwater to get the Mallin's beloved dog Annie as well as take care of their affairs.

Margie was known as the navigator and chief cook, Bruce was known as the dishwasher and main driver and Annie the Schnauzer was known as the furry kid.

Jerardo Iriarte, 19, is charged with vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence.

Investigators say Iriarte drove off the highway and crashed into the married couple who had been walking on Price Street.

KSBY News will have more on the couple on KSBY News at 5 and 6.

For more on the blog click here.


  1. lol it must have been rlly cool :)

  2. Those were the best two comments I've ever gotten on anything. Fucking perfect.

  3. I want to get married just to throw a really expensive party for it. and that sucks about the couple :( The girl must've been pretty harsh breaking up with him if he went off and killed two people :P Oh well. SUPPORTIN',etc

  4. im glad you had fun! got any pics youd like to share?

  5. Greatway to go. I think that is for wure the way I want to go.

  6. and WHY wasn't i invited to the wedding?!?!


    ill remember this fellow

  7. Seems like Bruce and Margie's journey isn't quite so full-time anymore.

    That's horrible. I'm going to hell.

  8. Congrats on your cousin's wedding! Man that sucks for that old couple, what a douchebag.

  9. I remember going to a wedding once. But I got so wasted I forgot I was at a wedding. Cue hitting on every bridesmaid in the place. Good times man. I love your post today :D

  10. Weddings kick ass!!! last one i went to had bite size filet mingion, fucking epic

  11. Sounds like you had a blast, amigo. The vehicular manslaughter bit is crazy, the kid was only 19. Kids these days.

  12. i've considered copping, just so i could steal goodies from the evidence room,
    in the end i gotta agree.
    fuck the police.
    comin straight from the underground
    etc etc.

  13. sounds like fun congrats to your cousin

  14. Congrats to your cousin, awesome times indeed.