Friday, December 17, 2010

Deep Impression

I am a sad human being. By that I mean to say that I am sad most of the time, infact I am sad at times when most other humans would be happy. I am sad when I am in good situations.

I know I need to change myself, I know my thought process is self destructive, I know my actions are self destructive. I cannot however say that I am doing my best. Maybe I should give that a shot? My best. What is my best? What would the best version of myself be doing right now? Where is that motherfucker? I have myself convinced I can do what I want if I only could find the willpower to put into action my positive thoughts.

Something else; sometimes I think people can read my mind. I look at people and won't say anything yet they seem to say something in response to my thoughts. Nobody is looking, I know this, yet I have the distinct feeling that they can see.

For my mood today and for the time I have not been posting I will post this song by the Pixies which seems to be congruent with my general outlook on life.. This is the City Wolf cover which appears in the movie Observe and Report, love that movie. Here it is folkz;

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