Sunday, October 3, 2010

As it turns out, that is not all for today

So I go to my friends house over yonder to play some music. I was on drums, my friend on bass. I also was singing, or yelling. We smoked much dank beforehand, some strong indica strain which made me very calm and relaxed. I noticed that after we smoked my drumming was much groovier, where normally I might fuck up or miss a snare or a kick I was instead flowing perfectly. We play powerviolence music, it is fun. I guess I could post some of the old bands I've been in here. I know this has nothing to do with dank but whatever, I smoked pot before/during the conception of most of these bands.

A folk powerviolence band that I am very fond of. The demo was recorded one drunken eve about two years ago. Lots of fun.

Another band I was in that was a lot of fun. We actually played quite a few shows around town with some more established local acts..

So yea, I'm high, this is mah music. Thug life.


  1. What's powerviolence? Maybe that's a topic you could write about next :)

  2. Oh shit thats a great idea! Powerviolence has been such a huge part of my life its foreign to me that ppl might not know what it is, thanks for the idea.